Baby baths

Baking soda benefits

Baby’s skin is very delicate. Even bath water, which is often too alkaline (you might also know it as “hard” water), can irritate and dry baby’s skin. Baking soda baths for babies are the ideal solution. It allows to neutralize lime, a calcium-containing inorganic mineral, and therefore make the water much softer. Baking soda is an essential substance, especially if your child is exposed to eczema or their butt is often red.

How to take baking soda baths for babies?

Add a tablespoon of baking soda to baby’s bath water and let it dissolve.

USEFUL TIP! Daily bathing is not necessary.

Bathing your child every two or three days with added baking soda will be better on their skin. The more you bathe your child the more it will dry baby’s skin. However, you shouldn’t skip any other hygiene procedure. Lower body should be washed every time after changing a diaper. Face and neck after eating or feeding. If a child has already learned to eat on their own, then hands should be wash before every meal.

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