Baking Soda Benefits

Canker sores

May 28, 2020 bakingsoda 0

What are canker sores? Canker sores or aphthae are small, non-contagious mouth ulcers that can often be very painful. They occur on the mucous membranes […]

Baking Soda Benefits


May 28, 2020 bakingsoda 0

Eczema is a chronic inflammatory reaction of the skin characterized by blushing redness, softening skin, itching, flaking. Exacerbation of eczema can be very painful. It […]

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Cold sores

May 27, 2020 bakingsoda 0

Cold sores are small blistering ulcers that occur mainly around the mouth and lips. They are caused by a subspecies of the herpes virus, it […]

Baking soda benefits

Baby baths

May 26, 2020 bakingsoda 0

Baby’s skin is very delicate. Even bath water, which is often too alkaline (you might also know it as “hard” water), can irritate and dry […]

Baking Soda Benefits

Bad breath

May 25, 2020 bakingsoda 0

Bad breath, halitosis in medical language, is in most cases caused by bacterial proliferation in the mouth. Baking soda makes it possible to change the […]