Canker sores

Baking Soda Benefits

What are canker sores?

Canker sores or aphthae are small, non-contagious mouth ulcers that can often be very painful. They occur on the mucous membranes of the mouth (inside the cheeks or lips, sometimes on the tongue or palate). Some of them can be up to 1.6 inches (4 cm) in diameter. They disappear by themselves in a week or two (the disappearance of larger ones take longer). Baking soda is a good solution in accelerating healing as it helps to stop the spread of bacteria and promotes scarring.

How to heal canker sores?

Pour two teaspoons of baking soda into a glass of water. Rinse your mouth with the solution for a few minutes in the morning, lunch and evening after brushing your teeth.

Generally, mouthwash with soda is very beneficial to oral hygiene even if you have no mouth ulcers.

How to prevent canker sores?

Start by monitoring your diet and oral hygiene.

Some foods, such as nuts, pineapple, banana, kiwi, green pepper, Gruyere cheese, chocolate, spices or crustaceans, are known to cause mouth ulcers. That’s why the only solution is to keep track of what you have eaten and try to find out what caused canker sores to appear. Occasionally, a deficiency in vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin B and iron deficiency, can also cause canker sores. Also, proper oral hygiene is essential – avoid excessive brushing of your teeth and preferably use a soft toothbrush to avoid damaging your mouth.

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